Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Steve Perry-oral cyanosis noted.

Today was my first exam performed on a stranger. Granted, the "patient" was a paid actor that the school brought in. It was the final practical for our doctoring course (which means 1 out of 4 final exams is out of the way!) and as always, is a timed, monitored exam. I've grown to like these practicals, as I think one of my strengths is being able to communicate and perform under pressure. The "patient" feedback included that I made her feel comfortable and that I seemed calm and confident, which was nice to hear. However, when I asked her what arm she preferred to have her blood pressure taken from, I proceeded to take it on the other arm, oopsy. But, that was the biggest mistake I made. If I do as well on all my other exams this will be a triumphant first semester indeed.

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