Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sorry LMA, my mind decompresses in strange ways.

The semester is complete. I don't even have to go back to school until 2012!

I had a dream last night in which LaMarcus Aldridge, an NBA basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers passed away. It was nothing against LMA, but more the fact that I was catching up on the NBA news of the past 3 months before going to sleep. However, it wouldn't be all that surprising if something happened that kept Aldridge from playing this year; granted, he doesn't need to die or anything for that to occur.

Next semester we jump in to Cardiovascular/Respiration/Renal systems right away. I think I'm gonna start listening to the Goljan lectures a little early. I started listening to them at the end of last semester and not only found them helpful, but they were enjoyable to listen to. I suggest them to anyone who is in or hopes to be in med school. Viewing my peformance last semester, I find it interesting that in the practical side, where the grade is derived from "treating" and/or interacting with a "patient" (who thus far, with one exception has been a fellow student we were paired up with) my marks have consistently been significantly better than the "theory" examination grades. Last week we saw an actor who played the role of the patient as we gave them a timed physical examination. I just about earned a perfect score, and received positive feedback regarding my communication skills and interaction with the "patient." Now, we were actually supposed to exam this person, and report any irregularities but these were screened actors and any thing beyond a slight or minor deviation from the norm presenting was minimal. So, my good score was earned by memorizing the lines I was supposed to use to report back to the proctor and by being able to bury the nervousness and put on the smile and charm with the patient.

I think this skill to deal with people in stressful situations (usually -- there has been many times where I've lost it as well, as I'm sure many of you reading this could attest to) was honed by working in the ED. But, I think the foundation for it came from working customer service at a coffee shop/roaster. Granted, there were many days that I was thankful to spend my days roasting coffee instead of making it, I really enjoyed the customers who came in there, many of them regulars from before my 8 year career there. In fact, one of the influences that led to my choice to go to college came from the customers. The shop that I worked for was located a block or two from a good sized private university, and I think getting to know the different professors and students helped me realize that I really wanted to go to school, and for that, as a collective whole, I thank you, former customer.

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