Saturday, June 9, 2012

At least the kitchen is not proving to hot for me

I've been away for a long time. Away from writing on this blog.

Numerous reasons are at fault, struggles with school not being the least of them.

However, summer is here and, even though I am still focused and excited to write about all things medicine, I want to take a few months to explore a passion of mine that has been semi-dormant for too long.


I love food, perhaps more importantly, I love eating food. A current BMI of >30 (but dropping) can attest to this, unfortunately.

In the year prior to beginning medical school I ran in two half-marathons, worked full time as a coffee roaster and was, in general, very good shape. Six months of school, well, to be fair, the manner in which I dealt with the first six months of school left me in significant worse health. I was eating poorly. I took to drinking soda pop, which I hadn't done on a regular basis since I was a teenager. That, coupled with being more sedentary than I have ever been in my entire life left me needing to come up with a better way to deal with stress.

So, what I've decided to do is, among many other things, spend this summer perfecting and creating dishes that I already know and love and working with those that I've always wanted to make.

There is another component to my ambition. One that is rooted in more than stuffing my face, but is intimately related to the general stuffing of faces -- eating healthy.

Here is what you won't get from me. I don't think (and more importantly, I know why I think this and can provide sources to back my sh*t up) that animal fats are to blame for obesity, nor is dietary cholesterol linked as tightly to serum cholesterol as the makers of statins would like us to think. I do think that butter not only tastes better than margarine, but is more than marginally better for you than margarine, as well.  I can go on and on, (and trust me, I will) but I don't want to boil over in my first new blog post.

Obviously, ants are not the target demographic for margarine manufacture's marketing campaigns. 

I plan on coming up with a meal tomorrow night that I will document from beginning to end, including the cost, time involved with preparation and most importantly, whether my wife likes it or not. I almost said that our dog would like anything I could make, but that is actually not the truth. She is more picky than many humans that I've met. She doesn't like olives, she eats around the skin of zucchini squash, and last night she decided that she doesn't like gummy bears! Oh well, considering she likes to lick her own crotch, I won't take it too personally.

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