Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If they've figured out the answer, it is time to change the question.

As is the usual course of action concerning this blog, I am about to provide the wholly satisfactory and comprehensively thorough answers to the burning, insurmountable, unavailing questions that the world is consumed with.

In Star Trek, Generations, Captain Picard is in the Nexus, and Guinan explains to him that he can go back to any point in time, as the Nexus is "timeless." Why does he chooses to enlist the help of the long dead Captain James T. Kirk (who for un-addressed reasons is also in the Nexus) to go back to the moments before Dr. Tolian Soran fired the missile into the Nexus thingy? Are we really supposed to believe that Kirk is the only other person to have made it into the Nexus? If he really could have gone back to any moment in time, Picard could have gone back to when Soran was on the Enterprise and had him locked up. This would have not only have saved the Enterprise from destruction in the battle with the Klingons, but  countless lives in the dis-articulated saucer section's crash into the planet.

Okay, I don't have all the answers. But, it is worth noting that at the end of the film, the crew is beamed up to the Farragut, a handsome Star Fleet ship, and named after David Faragut, who was the founder of Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

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