Saturday, November 17, 2012

But mom, there are no taste buds in the tummy!

I don't like corn from a can, or frozen corn but I really enjoy corn on the cob.

These days I don't drink much soda, but when I do, I will seek out a 12oz can. I will avoid plastic bottles or fountain soda. Glass bottles are okay.

I won't wear socks until they're showing any signs of wear. I will buy new ones. Someday soon I will only wear socks a handful of times before I donate them.

I refuse to wear pants that have pleats in them.

I also refuse to wear a button-up shirt that doesn't have long sleeves.

I think rollerblades suck. But, skateboards are cool, dude.

I don't like coconut flavors or coconut candy. I love coconut milk curries.

If someone asked me what I thought about "reality television" I would try to convey my hatred. But, recently, I realized I like chef and cooking shows which, in general, are just as bad as any other reality television.

The fact that I don't have any tattoos or piercings has actually made me look rebellious and unique, in light of the circle of friends that I (for the most part, used to) associate with.

I don't like to drink out of straws.

I like to take dangerous, sharp things and flip them in the air and then catch them. Flipping a razor blade or butcher knife in the air and trying to catch it by the handle provides for a moment where complete attention is given to an act; this is rare and at times, requires an exogenous threat of danger to attain.

I really dislike having my toothbrush moistened prior to the paste application and subsequent teeth brushing.

While I recognize the safety and efficiency of a microwave oven, I almost always prefer to use the stove or toaster oven for heating items which others seem to prefer the microwave.

I hate having eyedrops applied to my eyeballs. This is one of the biggest reasons I am thankful I still (at 34) have 20/15 vision.

Despite thinking, when I was younger, that I would never think the music is too loud, I do in fact, at times, think the music is too loud.

I always use my turn signals while driving, and those that don't irritate me.

Drivers who pilot their vehicles in a dangerous and reckless fashion are, without a doubt, putting my and my passenger's life at risk and sometimes I have to squelch the tendencies of road-rage that are not healthy, nor becoming of a doctor in training (or anyone, for that matter.)

I like my beer as cold as it can be, and have a hard time imagining that I would get used to warmer beer -- despite protestations otherwise of those who have said I would indeed get used to it.

Even when I live in a house-hold with a dishwasher machine, I still use dishware, utensils and cups many times over in an effort to reduce instances of washing.

I let my dog lick my face even though I've seen her lick her genitalia, butt-hole and even eat her vomit.

I almost always prefer rain to sunshine. When I was a skateboarder, I couldn't imagine a time where this would be true. Also, a good portion of my formative years were spent in various parking garages in Portland, OR, as this was the only place to go skating when it rained.

I don't like runny eggs. I really don't like boiled eggs. You would be forgiven in thinking that my Hungarian heritage might allow for Deviled eggs to be tolerated -- no, not even with extra paprika.

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